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In our district pharmacy we are also specialized in the procurement of international drugs. We can order most medicines in the world or organize an alternative for you. We also offer various medical services at this location.


Olympia Apotheke

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Monday – Friday

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Blood glucose monitoring

Persistent fatigue? Feeling unwell? Vision problems? Thirst or frequent urination?

A blood glucose test will tell you whether there is a risk of diabetes. One drop of blood is enough for this. We will measure your spontaneous blood sugar (fasting or not). If you would like a longer-term overview of the last 3 months, we will measure your 3-month sugar. This must be done fasting.


CHF 20.-

Price 3-month sugar

CHF 39.-


without advance notice

Blood pressure measurement

Unhealthy diet, stress, overweight and smoking are among the risk factors for high blood pressure. By regularly measuring your blood pressure, you can react early on.


CHF 9.-

Required time

ca. 10-15 Min


no advanced notification needed

Breast pump rental

New mothers learn about the advantages of the innovative technology of the Medela Symphony breastpump while still in hospital.

Swiss maternity clinics use Symphony as standard due to its reliability and quality. With us you have the possibility to rent the breastpump. With a valid prescription, we can settle the rent directly with your health insurance company.

Daily rental costs

CHF 3.45.–


without advance notice

Cystitis check

Does it hurt when you urinate? Passing frequent, small amounts of urine?

An active sex life, cold, a wet swimming costume, but also stress and exhaustion can cause cystitis. Our cystitis check will show you if a bacterial infection is present.


CHF 20.–


without advance notice

Measuring compression stockings

Healthy legs? Pregnant? Spider veins or varicose veins? Risk of thrombosis?

With compression stockings you can actively do something for the health of your legs. They help to get tired and heavy legs going and prevent or alleviate varicose veins and serious venous diseases. To ensure that the compression stockings work and fit optimally, we will take a personal measurement.



Required time

(come best in the morning)


without advance notice

Morning after pill

The risk of becoming pregnant after a contraceptive failure is usually 5.5 percent. However, it can be reduced to as little as 0.9% by taking the morning-after pill. In order to achieve the greatest effect, the pill should be taken as soon as possible, but at the latest after 5 days.


CHF 20.– (excl. morning-after pill)

Required time

10 – 15 Min.


no advanced notification needed

Rotpunkt customer card

Your loyalty will be rewarded. With the Rotpunkt customer card you collect valuable bonus points when you shop. Unfortunately, we cannot grant you bonus points on prescription and cash register medication.

As soon as your points account has a balance of 1000 points, the bonus amount of CHF 10.00 will be paid to you in cash.

Apply for a customer card at your next visit.

STU Card

Those who have a STU-Card benefit from various discounts at the Victoria Pharmacy Zurich:

  • 20% all year round on 3- and 6-month packs of the contraceptive pill
  • 20 % on condoms
  • 15 % on the whole VICHY range
  • 10 % on the whole range of our pharmacy
Travel advice from A - Z

We advise you from a medical point of view about your next long-distance journey and prepare a personal travel dossier with the latest recommendations regarding vaccinations or malaria prophylaxis for your travel destination.

Below you will find a selection of medicines for the therapy or prophylaxis of travel complaints.




ca. 30 Minuten


Am besten mit kurzer Voranmeldung

Vaccination service

Flu vaccination, hepatitis A+B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis or tick vaccination. Do you need a vaccination?

We carry out the vaccination safely and without complications. Primary vaccinations, follow-up vaccinations and booster vaccinations can be given in our pharmacy.


CHF 20.– (excl. vaccine)

Required time

10 Min.


without advance notice

Wound Care

In the case of an acute or chronic wound, it is important to avoid infection and unsightly scarring. Professional wound care guarantees effective, lasting wound healing. The important thing is: the faster, the better.


CHF 10 – 15.– (depending on the effort)

Required time

10 – 20 Min.


without advance notice

Our Brands

In our pharmacy on Badenerstrasse, we offer you a wide range of selected brand products in which we have trusted for many years. We carry among others articles of the following brands:

La Roche-Posay

The team on site

Our multi-lingual team is continuously educating itself and is always at the cutting edge of science. Due to our cooperation with leading clinics as well as with pharmacies in Switzerland and abroad, we are familiar with the most up-to-date therapy methods.

Meret Egloff

Pharmacist, CEO

Nora Egloff


Charlotte Bischoff


Martina Joncic


Sanja Cvetkovic

Pharmaceutical assistant

Nuria Garcia


Igballe Selmanaj-Azizi

Pharmaceutical assistant

Denise Wieland

Pharmaceutical assistant

Rotpunkt Promotions

Benefit from our monthly promotions with 20% discount on proven brand products. Compare now and save money with your next purchase.

Rausch Shampoo 200ml

Beautiful hair?

With twelve different combinations of active ingredients, the Rausch shampoo range has the perfect companion for all individual scalp types.

e.g. Coffein

CHF 15.75

Promotion valid until 30. April 2024


Kleine Wunden?

Bepanthen® MED Plus kann bei Wunden aller Art mit Infektionsgefahr eingesetzt werden, beispielsweise Schürfungen, Schnitt- und Kratzwunden, Schrunden und Verbrennungen.

z.B. Creme 30g

CHF 8.10

Promotion valid until 30. April 2024

Biotin Biomed

Hair loss?

Corrects biotin deficiency, reduces hair loss and improves your hair and nail quality.

Pills, 90 pcs.

CHF 74.15

Promotion valid until 30. April 2024

We take care of your health

As a Rotpunkt pharmacy, we stand for attractive savings offers, a wide selection, diverse services and personal, competent advice.