Comprehensive range

Our comprehensive in-house database of records and documents, a close-knit network of pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers, and an extensive inventory of around 12,000 individual products mean that the Victoria Apotheke wholesale is able to obtain virtually all pharmaceutical products from Switzerland, Europe and overseas. Our service is prompt, reliable, competitively priced and meets the highest standards of quality. All products are delivered in strict compliance with regulatory requirements.

We are in near collaboration with all major pharmaceutical manufactuers and distributors such as Pfizer™, Bayer™, Roche™, Novartis™, AstraZeneca™, MSD™,  Janssen-Cilag™, Takeda™,  Sanofi-Aventis™ and many others.

"We incorporate  new drug therapy trends from around the world, so that our customers can immediately benefit from their use."

Product List

We are always at the cutting edge of science and we carry a wide range of products from Switzerland, European Union and oveseas such as:

  • Established products
  • State of the art medicines
  • Anti-Cancer drugs
  • HIV Drugs
  • Vaccins
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Controlled drugs
  • and others

We do not work with a product list. For any needs or enquiries please contact us by E-Mail.